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Why Email address?

Answers the question on why 3Ezy.net requires a valid email address.

Answer. Two good reasons.

During our years of running image hosting, several visitors needed bulk upload and hotlink. However this was massively abused each and every time by spammers or other annoyances. When you enter an email address , although we dont store anything, just the simple act of entering a valid email address is enough to deter a majority of spammers. Even the self righteous privacy flogging ones. ;) Also may be in future we can put some filters on disallowed emails of known spammers.

We are also starting to get threatening letters and DMCA takedowns from various individuals. We respect the copyrights and DMCA even if we are not US based and as such after removal we notify the uploader by email.

Second and VERY VERY GOOD reason. Unlike most other hosts we made our own systems and web software to make sure we can get best Quality results. Most hosts will compress or resize upload images without preserving the original image (also called LOSSY COMPRESSION). Every time you upload an image to these hosts they will compress it or reduce quality. Some one else will take this image and do it all over again. ... and so on.
Our visitors wanted best quality and they can wait a few minutes. When we resize images we also keep copy of original image and do best effort LOSSLESS COMPRESSION so great for those huge DIGITAL CAMERA pictures in your SD Card. We remove the useless data so it can load faster in browsers without loosing any quality, GIVE US ONE OTHER HOST WHO AS OF TODAY (4th July 2010) gives you this for free for 3 straight years. This takes a while to do given that yours may not be the only upload so why hang around the website, we have no pretty popups and pop unders for you to spend your time clicking away on :).

Eventually when our drag and drop bulk uploader tool is ready this will be a really handy way to send 100 files to process. If you still prefer not to enter your email address for whatever reason (even if you cant make a dummy email address for alternative purposes and suspicious sites like ours..) then thats your choice.

If you have a better idea. Sure let us know, as above, we have built the site from every single feedback. Cheers!

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