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Lossless Image processing

Many free or even paid hosting providers will find the best way to save cost by reducing quality of images uploaded. Pictures are also resized and sometimes watermarked (website logos added). All of which further reduce the quality. Although not apparent, the quality deteriorates overtime as people download and upload the same content over the web. For high quality images the loss of quality is a lot more apparent.

At 3ezy.net we do two things. 1. Always use LOSSLESS compression. Which basically means we don't reduce quality at all, just discard useless extra information stored within images. This helps in faster loading of pictures in web browsers and does not affect the quality of images at all. We then resize the uploaded pictures. However the original (Lossless) image is still stored and is viewable directly. Due to the size of the lossless image it is not recommended to hotlink them in websites/forums directly specially if they are larger than 800px in width as it makes difficult for people to see the content properly alongside the huge pictures. We provide you with the necessary tools so you can show a preview (thumbnails with forum and html code) to other people and they can choose to click and see the large picture in a fresh new window ...unobstructed. We support lossless compression of JPEG, GIF and PNG formats as of now.

The process of hosting pictures on 3ezy.net

This process excludes the album area which is basically a customized open source software with minor bug fixes
Once you click upload the following things happen in order automatically. First all files submitted are queued and tagged with email address of the uploader:
Steps for each file:
1. On files received check for size, type and ensure the files are clean (free of malware, viruses, asshats etc)
2. Perform a lossless compression of the original file and save the original file in 100% quality. Do it a couple of times with varying paramaters to find the best size versus quality ratio.
3. Perform a lossy resize of the original lossless file in two sizes (thumbnail and small size) and apply transformations based on picture info (rotation, special things for gif)
4. Que the file for distribution to one or more server based on server capacity and type of image (adult/non adult)
5. Send emails to the respective uploader as the files are confirmed for delivery. Usually takes less that 2 minutes since upload. If files were bad or failed no emails are sent. Believe it or not, Emails cost money.

After all of the above there is still this cool part:
When you first access the picture link it gets cached by our CDN (i.e. Cloudflare) who will protect all of 3ezy.net from bad robots, spambots, leechers, hotlinking from malware/spam sites etc and ensure that pictures are delivered in the fastest way from the nearest server to the visitors location.
I had already made sure that pictures load the fastest even without CDN. Adding CDN makes it way better. Your pictures are hosted in a way that does not require expensive server resources like CPU or Memory. Before adding CDN we could serve over 2000 hi-res pictures per second!

More information on Lossless Data Compression

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