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    Email Policy of 3Ezy.net
  • 3Ezy.net temporarily stores the visitors email address on the server
  • The duration of storage is only as long as the files uploaded finish processing and the results are emailed to the recepients. This is a completely automated process with zero human intervention
  • We have no intention of storing emails or sharing it with other parties/programs for any other purpose

Questions asked and answered:

Q. If 3ezy.net does not store email addresses how does it still show my email when I visit the website (anytime after having received all the links to my files)

A. Good question. Actually it only displays the email address if you use the same browser and same computer. Your email is stored in your browsers internal storage a.k.a. Cookie and encrypted. When you visit our site again the website simply uses the same information to save you time from entering the email again. You can always remove the information by clearing cache or clicking on "..change email by clicking here" link on the home page

Please feel free to send us your questions at "support @ 3ezy . net" (remove spaces and quotes)

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